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May through July


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This course is on hold until further notice. Our season is during May, June, and July. Learn the ancient way of sustainable fishing with a single breath. Check out the link for Ontario Fishing Regulations:


Time & Location

May through July

Email for more details

About the Course

We will cover spearfishing and freediving techniques as we focus on targeting invasive species of fish. 


Regulations & Seasons: 

Each province (and State, Country, etc) has very different regulations, Ontario is very specific and strict around species and seasons where spearfishing is permitted. Provcines such as Quebec are much more friendly to spearfishing. 

Freediving & Spearfishing Safety: 

Safety procedures and their application while spearfishing.

Location Safety: 

Address the role and impact spearfishing locations have, as well as problems and safety management.

Spearfishing Gear: 

Provide all necessary information about basic spearfishing gear, proper selection, use and maintenance.

Underwater Hunting: 

Focus on how to develop a hunting skill while introducing some widely used hunting techniques.

Ethics of a Hunter:

Explain the necessity of code of ethics and the responsibility of every spearo to our lakes, oceans, sport and families.


1. Mask – A low volume freediving mask

2. Fins – Long Blade Freediving Fins 

3. Snorkel – J type simple snorkel (without valves)

4. Wetsuit – A 5mm or 7mm is suitable in Ontario's spearfishing season, open cell is preferable

5. Weights – Small weights (1-2 lbs) are easier to adjust your buoyancy, neckweights will optimize bouyancy 

6. Weight Belt– A rubber weight belt is necessary (Nylon weight belts are not recommended)

7. Freediving Computer – Importance for safety during spearfishing 

* You do not need to bring a speargun oe pole spear to this course. Hunting equipment will be provided for use. *

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