Freediving is breath-hold diving, being in and under the water while holdingy our breath. Today, most people associate freediving with images of superhumans plunging to the darkest depths of the ocean with only the air in their lungs, the power of their bodies and the will of their minds to keep them alive and bring them back. 



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Certified AIDA Instructor, AIDA Youth Instructor, EFR Instructor, O2 Provider, Competitive Freediver, Ice Freediver


Andrew has been freediving since 2013, and a certified Instructor since 2017. He competes and coaches regularly in Canadian freediving competitions and is a national depth champion with multiple provincial records. Andrew Ryzebol enjoys the excitement of assisting freedivers in achieving their goals and learning new skills. He began freediving on the Great Lakes and was certified in the cold Canadian waters. Over the years, he has developed expertise on local Ontario dive sites and conditions. Andrew freedives year round in Canada, which provides unique experiences and challenges with each season.


He loves spearfishing and freedive photography with his buddy Geoff Coombs and his interests outside of freediving include surfing, snowboarding, soccer, climbing, and backcountry camping.


    Canadian National Record Holder, AIDA Assistant Instructor,

    EFR Instructor, AIDA Canada Ontario Representative

    Lilly Ryzebol (nee Tjeng) is a competitive Canadian National Record Holder and the Ontario Representative for AIDA Canada.

    Andrew and Dive World helped Lilly overcome her fear of the water from a drowning incident as a child in Indonesia.

    Lilly fell in love for the water after losing her mother to cancer. Diving has brought comfort and freedom to Lilly’s life as she was grieving her loss, and it has allowed her to enjoy the amazing creations found underwater. Her passion for travel has opened many opportunities to dive shipwrecks, caves, underwater mazes and even ice diving with her husband Andrew all with just one breath.

    Lilly has been freediving since 2017, and a certified Assistant Instructor since 2019. 

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